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Club "LUCKY 13"

                                                                                              CLUB "LUCKY 13"


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                                                                                      Dear guests and collectors!

       We welcome YOU to the club "LUCKY 13"! As a lyrical digression I would like to reassure YOU about numbers 13. The number 13 used in the name of the club in honor of the birthday club owner, so if YOU are attracted bythe figure 13 for personal reasons, it means YOU are on the same wavelength with the owner of the club. All superstitions aside. Becoming member of the club, YOU get lucky. The shop owner will do everthing possible to make YOU feel chosen and used it in their own interest. 

       If YOU stayed at our store, then YOU are well aware that stamp - it is not trifle thought ordinary people and a unique invention that combines several functions:

- means of payment, similar to money;

- a work of art in miniature;

- a sourse of information about events in different historical periods.


WELCOME to the club "LUCKY 13"!!!       d529e249a65349cb93f4250c4e35c11c  8cd3da9cb0d0d1ed9df69ab3ece965a5     d529e249a65349cb93f4250c4e35c11c 



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cat (1427)      PRIVILEGES members:

- Becoming a member of the club, YOU have the status of VIPs and get access to special promotions and offers.

- YOU get personal discount 13% on the entire range for the duration of membership in the club.

- During the shires online YOU have a promotional discount +13%.

- Membership requires special conditions for purchases and preferences of the owner of the shop.


cat (1427)      CONDITIONS of the entrance to the club:

- YOU need to apply for the e-mail site, located in the "Contacts" with the text: "Join the club "LUCKY 13"

- The cost of club membership 13$ (payment before 13th of each month). After aplication YOU will be sent an account number where to transfer the money.

- At any time YOU can get out of the club. To exit from the club need to apply by e-mail with the text: "Exit from the club". At any time YOU can re-join the club.


cat (1427)       CAUTION!!!

Partisipation in the club is offered on a voluntary basis on the part of the client, officially registered on our site. Please read the terms of partisipation in the club. If something does not suit YOU, it is recommended to refuse entry to the club.