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Again the month of March is a great adventurer...28.02.2018 02:28

Dear guests and collectors!

Congratulations on the onset of spring! For you, from 1 to 31 March 2018, the price will drop by 10%. Pleasant shopping!

Again the month of March is a great adventurer,
The main owner of the capel is the bell!
The snowdrop is ringing - happiness is a soothsayer ...
"Blizzard" does not play Franz Liszt ...
Already the air is a guitarist!

Always only your "BiZarre-collection" 1864321000120927e72ef14f887f700a97e4db88ee

Happy Day of Defender of the Fatherland!22.02.2018 02:22

Dear customers!

We congratulate you on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland! Festive discount of 50% on all lots of the site is valid only on February 23, 2018. Successful acquisitions!

Always just your "BiZarre-collection"  1864321000120927e72ef14f887f700a97e4db88ee

Let Cupid shoots boldly ...12.02.2018 02:12

Dear customers!

We congratulate you on Valentine's Day! The holiday discount on February 14, 2018 is 50%. We invite you for shopping!

Sometimes we make love with our eyes.
Sometimes we make love with our hands.
Sometimes we make love with our bodies.
Always we make love with our hearts.

Always just your "BiZarre-collection" dflCvVqBxX1IwxXdfJCfF0oi5IM

February - the heir of January...28.01.2018 01:28

Dear guests and collectors!

The last month of winter comes, from February 1 to February 13, 2018 we propose to enjoy a 5% price reduction. Also from 01.02.2018 the payment rules for the goods partially change: at the order amount up to 3000 rubles. goods can be paid by cash on delivery, with the order amount of more than 3000 rubles. - Pre-payment is required.

The winters are dark,

February - the heir of January.

The river flows, floating drifts,

They fall into the snowy seas.

Always just your "BiZarre-collection" 120 к-а

Well-baptized to be, you can walk with an angel...18.01.2018 01:18

Dear buyers!

Congratulations on the coming holiday of Epiphany! January sales continue: from January 18 to January 31, 2018, the discount is 10%. Hurry up for shopping and new impressions!

Well-baptized to be,
You can walk with an angel,
He always helps in trouble:
The state will multiply.
Congratulations on your Baptism!
God's righteous teaching
You are not baptized if suddenly,
It's never too late, my friend!

Always just your "BiZarre-collection"  65 к-а

Russian Old New Year soon...12.01.2018 01:12

Dear guests and collectors!

Russian Old New Year soon - 13 January, 2018. New festive discount - 13% is provided for the entire range from 13 to 17 January 2018 inclusive. We wish you profitable acquisitions!

Always just your "BiZarre-collection"  noviy-god-119

The first New Year's sale04.01.2018 01:04

Dear customers!

The first New Year's sale for you. A holiday discount for the entire range - 7% is offered from 7 to 12 January 2018. Welcome to the store!

Always just your "BiZarre-collection" snegovik

To you flies on a sledge Santa Claus!!!20.12.2017 12:20

Dear buyers, guests and collectors!
Congratulations on the upcoming 2018! The last sale of the year from December 22 to December 31 - 30% for everything! Welcome to visit our store.

orig (1)

At the beginning of the New Year we wish you a conviviality.

Let the number 2018 protect you of any troubles and bring only good impressions!

Тhese wishes aren't original
But still they're most sincere
Have a really Merry Christmas
And a wonderful New Year. 

Be on the lookout for jolly, old, fat, white-bearded man bearing gifts! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Always just your "BiZarre-collection"  santo-natale_54_1089

Took power December- grandee...27.11.2017 11:27

Dear guests and collectors!

Congratulations on the arrival of the calendar winter. The first sale of December from December 1 to December 21, 2017 - a discount on the entire range is 20%. We wish you profitable acquisitions!

The cold of December brings the sleet,

Blazing fire and Christmas treat.

When December snows fall fast,

Marry, and true love will last.

Always just your "BiZarre-collection" 1864321000120927e72ef14f887f700a97e4db88ee

November - the hero is not affectionate...27.10.2017 07:27

Dear customers!

Discounts in November 2017: for the basic assortment - 7%, for the additional assortment - 13%. Welcome to the store!

No shade, no shine,
No butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers,
No leaves, no birds,

Always just your "BiZarre-collection" 1864321000120927e72ef14f887f700a97e4db88ee

In gardens and parks October is feasting...29.09.2017 06:29

Dear guests and collectors!

October offer - 15% discount on the entire range + free delivery of goods. We invite you for shopping! Happy October to all!

October's the month 

When the smallest breeze 

Gives us a shower 

Of autumn leaves. 

Bonfires and pumpkins, 

Leaves sailing down - October is red 

And golden and brown.

Always only your "BiZarre-collection"  1864321000120927e72ef14f887f700a97e4db88ee

September came out in a trendy outfit...28.08.2017 05:28

Dear Clients!

Congratulations on the first month of autumn! Discount September - 10% for all lots of the site from September 1 to 30, 2017 inclusive. Welcome to the store!

А road like brown ribbon, 
A sky that is blue, 
A forest of green 
With that sky peeping through. 
Asters, deep purple, 
A grasshopper's call, 
Today it is summer, 
Tomorrow is fall.

Always just your "BiZarre-collection"  1864321000120927e72ef14f887f700a97e4db88ee

Augustus Augustus, King of the Universe...27.07.2017 04:27

Dear buyers!

Congratulations on the onset of the last summer month - August! The July offer is extended: all August buyers get a 7% discount on the entire range and free delivery ordered on our product website. Welcome to the store!

Augustus, Augustus, the king of the universe,

With a round apple in his hand,

I knew that the world was ordinary

The whole is built on sand.

Always just your "BiZarre-collection" 1864321000120927e72ef14f887f700a97e4db88ee

July is feasting here!28.06.2017 03:28

Dear guests and collectors!

Through July, all customers receive a 7% discount and free order delivery. We invite you for shopping!

Вright clothes!
The sun triumphs,
Everyone gets drunk from the light!
July is feasting here!
He is the crown of the summer!

Always only your "BiZarre-collection"  1864321000120927e72ef14f887f700a97e4db88ee

June came to the throne!04.06.2017 03:04

Dear clients!

Congratulations on the onset of summer. From 4 to 30 June 2017 we offer a 10% discount on all lots of the site. We invite you for shopping!

Always just your "BiZarre-collection"  1864321000120927e72ef14f887f700a97e4db88ee

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