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August - summer's farewell song...30.07.2020 00:00

The last summer promotion: in August 2020 - free delivery of the main assortment across the territory of the Russian Federation. Use the great offer of August!

August - summer's farewell song
Kissing contrasting motives:
The time given by the heat is wonderful
But already the nights are coldly obstinate.

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July is the crown of summer...30.06.2020 00:00

Dear guests and collectors!

Throughout July 2020, the price reduction is 13% for the entire range of the site. Interesting and profitable shopping!

July is the crown of summer
On the flower beds are roses-bows.
Trees are stripped
All in giant wigs.

July is a funny artist
And peaches that cheeks.
'Cause the sun is playful to them
Heat sweetened juices.

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The beginning of summer is a wonderful paradise...30.05.2020 00:00

Dear customers!

In the first month of summer - all of June we offer you free delivery of goods throughout the Russian Federation. Do not miss the best offer!

Тhe beginning of summer is a wonderful paradise
Where the sun looks so in love
His rays kiss kissed
Forgetting the green-eyed May.

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Don't be sad - meet May!29.04.2020 00:00

Dear customers!

From May 1 to May 10, 2020, the price reduction is 10% for all lots of the site. Have good days and news!

Don't be sad - meet May!
With a bouquet of feelings he hurries to you.
Sorrow shout: "Goodbye!"
May value your happiness.

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In green carpets, spring land...30.03.2020 00:00

Dear guests and collectors!

New spring offer: April 1, 2020 - 50% discount, all April free delivery of all goods in the Russian Federation. Good health and good mood despite the situation with coronovirus!

In green carpets, spring land!
And the tulle curls from the heavenly cornice.
... The last snow did not disappear to zero -
On a string of lilies of the valley is exquisitely strung!

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Monograms are melting on the glass...01.03.2020 00:00

Dear customers!

From March 1 to March 8, 2020 you will receive a festive price reduction - 20% for all lots of the site. Use stocks in the first spring days!

Мonograms are melting on the glass
And now the status of king
Assigned to March ... And February
Again he rushed off into the distance.

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February spring we do not believe...30.01.2020 00:00

Dear guests and collectors!

In February 2020 during the holidays do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of discounts: February 14 - 14%, February 23 - 23%. Happy holiday events!

February spring we do not believe
Indeed, at night she howls at the beast.
Although popular in February,
But the artist is very insidious.
All the roles of her notorious:
February is called fierce!

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He will erase thousands of barriers...01.01.2020 00:00

Happy New Year 2020 !!! First offer of the year: from January 1 to January 13, 2020, the price reduction is 20%. We invite you to take advantage of New Year's discounts!

Тwo thousand and twentieth year
Hurrying over snowy bumps
He brings a lot of joy
It will be very happy!

He is rich in luck
For good surprises
He will erase thousands of barriers
Fulfill all the vagaries!

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